Awesome entertainment ideas for your kids’ birthday parties

6 Reasons You Should Buy LED Poi For Your Child

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Have you ever heard of poi? It’s a performance art that originated with the indigenous people of New Zealand. Poi performance involves juggling and dancing with balls. Today’s poi performers typically use balls with LED lights that allow the dancer to create shapes and patterns in the air. Poi performance also happens to be a fantastic hobby for children. Why should you get your child interested in LED poi performance? Here are six great reasons.  Encourage Physical Activity Poi juggling is physical. It requires excellent hand eye coordination and includes movements that are aerobic in nature. When kids practice poi juggling, they are using their bodies.  Fill Time Positively Kids who become interested in poi performance will spend a great deal of time trying to improve and learn new tricks. This is time that your child is not playing video games or just hanging around with no direction.  Increase Self-Esteem Once kids begin to learn the tricks of poi performance, there is no stopping them. They learn more exciting and more challenging skills that impress their friends. Having a skill brings confidence, and success breeds a willingness to try more difficult or frightening activities in life.  Your child can also use poi performance skills to compete in competitions or even join a performance troupe.  Provide Opportunities to Socialize Poi performers love to get together and learn new skills. You can find classes and social groups for people who enjoy performing with poi, and your child will have whole new community of friends who share an interest.  Pass on an Appreciation for the Arts Because poi juggling is a performance art, children can use it to gain an appreciation for other types of art. Your child may suddenly discover a talent for music, acting, dancing or drawing. Exploration of one art form can easily lead to an interest in another.  Join In Don’t let your child have all the fun. Poi performance is something the two of you can learn and enjoy together. You can take a class with your child or simply look up videos on the internet to learn new skills. Even if you aren’t a gifted juggler, you and your child will bond over the fun of trying something new together.  So when you buy those led poi balls, make sure to get two sets.  Poi performance is a fun and fresh way to learn a new skill and have a wonderful time. Give your child the many gifts associated with this performance art. Check out a shop like Light up and Juggle to purchase...

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Balloon Release Alternatives

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If you’re planning a memorial service, birthday or anniversary celebration, or other outdoor event that includes a ceremonial balloon release, you may be concerned about where your balloons may wind up at the end of their journey. Balloon releases have been criticized as harmful to the environment, particularly to wildlife that might inadvertently ingest popped balloons or become tangled in the string. Fortunately, there are several options that can allow you to celebrate as planned without releasing non-biodegradable balloons into the environment. Read on to learn more about your environmentally-friendly balloon release alternatives.  Natural latex balloons While most commercially available balloons are made from synthetic latex or mylar, neither of which will decompose on its own, there are now balloons available that are made with natural (and biodegradeable) latex or even soy. These balloons look, feel, and function just like synthetic latex balloons, but upon landing and releasing their helium, they will quickly decompose. These balloons leave no trace of their existence once they’ve spent a few weeks decaying, and because they’re made from the extracts of the rubber plant, they won’t leach any potentially harmful chemicals or compounds into the soil. You should be able to purchase natural latex balloons in a wide range of colors, ensuring that you have the perfect look for whatever event you’re planning.  Flying “wishes” As an alternative to a synchronized balloon release, you may want to consider having participants write wishes, memories, or other thoughts on pieces of special paper, roll them into tubes, and set them alight. Unlike paper lanterns, which can continue to burn for some time as they fly through the air (posing a fire risk if nearby trees or shrubs have gone some time without water), these flying and flaming wishes will catch an updraft as they burn, quickly combusting while releasing minimal ash back down to the ground. These flying paper wishes can be a wonderful way to memorialize a deceased relative or celebrate a milestone without the traditional balloon release.  Colored bubbles If your goal is to achieve the look of hundreds or thousands of spherical objects rising through the atmosphere, you may want to invest in some colored extra-strength bubbles. These bubbles are mixed from a formula that’s heavy on the soap, allowing them to reach large sizes (and travel long distances) without bursting. Tinting this soapy mixture with natural food coloring can give you bubbles in a wide variety of colors, perfect for a mass bubble release.  Whatever you choose to do, a company like Life O’ The Party will likely be able to help you celebrate in...

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Setting Up For An Awesome Cinco De Mayo Party

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There are numerous special events and holidays in the spring that merit a party, but perhaps the biggest reason to celebrate is Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is typically observed in Mexico, and it commemorates the Mexican victory in the war of 1862. Don’t get this date confused with the Mexican Independence day which actually occurs in September. Set-up your awesome Cinco de Mayo party with these suggestions: The venue. Since Cinco de Mayo falls on the 5th of May, it is possible to plan an outdoor party in mild climates. This allows you more flexibility in terms of number of guests and party décor. Since this is a celebration, be sure to include lots of colorful streamers, banners, and balloons; consider hanging floral garlands across doorways and entries to your venue. The music. Combine current Latin music with some of the older music to create a celebratory atmosphere for all, young and old. Download some contemporary music on the Latin billboard charts with some songs that have been enjoyed for generations in Latin culture, such as mariachi music, which will get everyone up and on their feet. Consider using a computer and a large wall to project Latin music videos for some added attraction during the party. The food. Give your party Mexican flair with some authentic dishes, traditionally served on Cinco de Mayo. These are what you would find at a gathering in Mexico, and doesn’t include the more Americanized taco and nachos type of fare. Visit websites to find recipes for some true Mexican cuisine, and serve to  your guests as you honor Mexico’s victory during war time.   Some dishes to serve at your fiesta include: Smoked lamb. Carnitas. Chalupas. Warm corn tortillas with picked onions. Mole sauce. The mood. Create a festive mood with some games, activities, and goodies for guests at your Cinco de Mayo party. A piñata is often found at parties in Mexican households, and these are great fun for celebrants of all ages. Fill with candy, colored beads, and tiny noisemakers to get the revelry started. Cinco de Mayo is an important day in Latin culture, and it is an event widely celebrated in all parts of the world. Celebrate this May with an awesome Cinco de Mayo party that will be remembered long after you take down the decorations. Try these tips to get started on your own celebration of this milestone in Mexican history. Check out latin music groups, such as Vida Primo, for ideas on ways to set the...

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Create Floating, Balloon Decorations That Light Up

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Create floating, balloon decorations that light up by completing the following steps. Place the decorations in your pool to provide subtle lighting while experiencing an intimate swim with your significant other or while enjoying a nighttime pool party with some of your pals. Materials latex balloons small, LED lights glitter markers stencils flat pieces of foam scissors two-sided waterproof tape artificial flowers and foliage Add Lights And Decorate Balloons Exteriors Insert an LED light that operates by battery into each balloon by stretching out the rubber necks and pushing a light through each one. Make sure that each light is turned on before adding them to the balloons. Blow up the balloons and tie them. Use glitter markers to trace stencils on each balloon’s exterior. Use stencils that depict a design that matches the theme of the outdoor event that you are planning.  Prepare Foam Pieces And Attach Balloons Use a measuring tape and scissors to prepare pieces of foam that have straight edges. Make sure that each piece of foam is slightly larger than the balloon that will be attached to it so that you will have enough room to create a decorative border. Attach pieces of two-sided tape to the bottom of one of the balloons and press the balloon firmly against the center of one of the foam pieces. Secure the remaining balloons in the same manner.  Decorate The Foam Pieces Cut the stems of artificial flowers or pieces of foliage so that they are all the same length. Insert the stems into the foam base, but do not allow them to puncture the material all the way through because water may seep through the base and cause the decorations to sink. If you would like the flowers and foliage to be laying on their sides, attach them to the base with strips of two-sided tape. Arrange the artificial pieces to create a border that provides adequate coverage around each balloon.  Enjoy The Subtle Lighting That Each Decoration Emits  Place the balloon decorations inside of your pool, spreading them out so they are evenly distributed. Enjoy the subtle lighting while spending time outside with your partner or friends. LED lights will last for several hours, providing you with the opportunity to use the decorations throughout the event that is being held. When it is over, pop the balloons and remove the lights so that they can be used again at another...

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Party Ideas For Creative Tweens

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Planning the perfect birthday party for a creative tween means focusing in on the arts that they love best. Fortunately, there are ways that you can take a simply crafty party to the next level. These ideas are a little more grown up than an art party for kids, which makes them a perfect option for tweens. Pretty Paintings Model this after the popular adult wine and painting lesson parties. Your entertainer can be an actual artist that teaches painting or sketching in the medium of your child’s choice. Guests will be greeted with their own easel and canvas. You can even make it feel a bit more sophisticated by serving sparkling juice in wine glasses, along with fancy hors d’ouvres for snacks and fancy petit fours instead of cake. Guest get to keep their paintings as the party favor. Cast in Clay Another excellent entertainment idea is paint your own pottery. These are usually done in a pottery establishment that will take care of the final firing, but there are some entertainment companies that will bring all the supplies to you. These companies typically use an oven bake clay product, such as polymer clay, and they teach the kids how to make small statues or jewelry items with the clay. For this hands-on party, consider serving snacks on sticks or toothpicks – corn dogs or kebabs work well – so the kids can munch even with their clay-covered fingers! Amazing Acting Is your child a drama queen? Then acting lessons may be a fun activity for their party. Your entertainer will provide the kids with acting lessons. They also typically bring their own props, and the party finishes with a play or skit put on by the party goers. Each guest usually gets to go home with not just a new set of acting skills, but also a DVD of their performance. Emulate the craft services that movie stars enjoy on set and set up a buffet of snacks, from finger sandwiches to sweet treats. Music Magic If music is your child’s passion, try putting them on stage. A karaoke party is a creative outlet that lets every guest be the star. Your entertainer will operate the karaoke equipment and play DJ. They may even bring props so the guests can dress like their favorite rock star. Pizza, soda, and music-themed cupcakes are the perfect accompaniments for this theme, since the kids have time to enjoy a meal while they are entertaining each...

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5 Exciting Date Ideas

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Dinner and a movie can be a nice break, but if that’s all that you and your significant other do for date night it can get a little stale and boring. Getting out of a rut can spice up your relationship and allow the two of you to experience new and exciting things together. Use the following suggestions for something new on your next date night: Go-Kart Racing Go-kart tracks are popping up around the country, and this generation of go-karts are not the ones that you may remember cruising around in at the county fair. Today’s go-karts are fast and dynamic, giving you an exhilarating racing experience. You and you significant other can spend your evening zooming around the track. Healthy competition is never a bad thing, so don’t forget to keep track of who wins each race. Real Life Escape Game Escape games have long been popular with online gamers, and the concept has been developed into live, interactive events located at entertainment venues in cities across the country. Escape the Room is a combination of a live adventure game and a puzzle; you and your significant other will be locked in a room with other people, and as a group you will have to work together to solve clues if you want to escape before time is up. Mentally stimulating and exciting, Escape the Room is a date night activity that you won’t soon forget. Laser Tag Laser tag is a fun physical activity, and you and your significant other can work together to take out other players in the game. The bright glowing lights are visually appealing and running around will get your heart pumping. Some entertainment venues that offer laser tag even have a restaurant or bar on the premise, so you guys can enjoy a drink together after the game is over. Indoor Rock Climbing If you and your significant other are in a sporty mood, consider visiting an indoor rock climbing gym for your next date. Most indoor rock climbing venues can accommodate all skill levels, so it is okay if neither one of you have any experience rock climbing. While you will be fully harnessed to protect you against falls, it can be very thrilling to make it to the top and see the grounds dozens of feet below. Water Park Sunbathing and relaxing in the pool can be fun, but during the summer months consider a nostalgic date to your local water park. Act like kids again, and make sure to ride the scariest, fastest slides. Only after you have tackled all of the exciting rides can you hit the lazy...

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3 Creative Things To Do On A First Date

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A first date is not only a time to impress and put your best self forward, but it is also a time to get to know each other better. Because of this, you want to do something on your first date that is creative, but also allows the two of you to get to know each other at the same time. Sticking to the boring old dinner and a movie should be saved for a date down the road, but your first date should really be special. This article will discuss 3 creative things to do on a first date.  Take A Cooking Class Together One excellent option for a first date is to take a cooking class together. You can ask your date beforehand what type of food they enjoy, and then find a cooking class that is going to cook this type of food for the evening of your date. This is a date where you will both be learning something fun and new, with the help of a professional chef. It is also a great date idea for a first date because the two of you will be given ample time to talk with each other and get to know each other better. You can measure up each other’s cooking skills as well, which can be fun and may challenge you to work hard in the cooking class.  Go To An Amusement Park If you want your first date to go well, then an amusement park is a great date location. Riding rides and eating all the fun goodies at amusement park can really get those endorphins flowing, which will put you both in a great mood. This is the perfect setting for a first date because you will both be having so much fun, that you can’t help but have an awesome time. You can take turns picking which rides to go on, and can chat while you are waiting in line for each of the rides.  Take A Helicopter Ride Renting a private helicopter and taking your date for a ride is an experience that they will likely never forget. You can have the pilot fly over some of the most gorgeous locations in your area, which will really impress your date. To make things super special you can have the helicopter drop you off in a gorgeous area for a picnic lunch. The two of you can talk about the helicopter ride and enjoy lunch, before getting back on the helicopter to ride back home.  For other entertainment possibilities, contact a local venue, such as Fort McDowell...

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