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5 Exciting Date Ideas

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Dinner and a movie can be a nice break, but if that’s all that you and your significant other do for date night it can get a little stale and boring. Getting out of a rut can spice up your relationship and allow the two of you to experience new and exciting things together. Use the following suggestions for something new on your next date night: Go-Kart Racing Go-kart tracks are popping up around the country, and this generation of go-karts are not the ones that you may remember cruising around in at the county fair. Today’s go-karts are fast and dynamic, giving you an exhilarating racing experience. You and you significant other can spend your evening zooming around the track. Healthy competition is never a bad thing, so don’t forget to keep track of who wins each race. Real Life Escape Game Escape games have long been popular with online gamers, and the concept has been developed into live, interactive events located at entertainment venues in cities across the country. Escape the Room is a combination of a live adventure game and a puzzle; you and your significant other will be locked in a room with other people, and as a group you will have to work together to solve clues if you want to escape before time is up. Mentally stimulating and exciting, Escape the Room is a date night activity that you won’t soon forget. Laser Tag Laser tag is a fun physical activity, and you and your significant other can work together to take out other players in the game. The bright glowing lights are visually appealing and running around will get your heart pumping. Some entertainment venues that offer laser tag even have a restaurant or bar on the premise, so you guys can enjoy a drink together after the game is over. Indoor Rock Climbing If you and your significant other are in a sporty mood, consider visiting an indoor rock climbing gym for your next date. Most indoor rock climbing venues can accommodate all skill levels, so it is okay if neither one of you have any experience rock climbing. While you will be fully harnessed to protect you against falls, it can be very thrilling to make it to the top and see the grounds dozens of feet below. Water Park Sunbathing and relaxing in the pool can be fun, but during the summer months consider a nostalgic date to your local water park. Act like kids again, and make sure to ride the scariest, fastest slides. Only after you have tackled all of the exciting rides can you hit the lazy...

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3 Creative Things To Do On A First Date

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A first date is not only a time to impress and put your best self forward, but it is also a time to get to know each other better. Because of this, you want to do something on your first date that is creative, but also allows the two of you to get to know each other at the same time. Sticking to the boring old dinner and a movie should be saved for a date down the road, but your first date should really be special. This article will discuss 3 creative things to do on a first date.  Take A Cooking Class Together One excellent option for a first date is to take a cooking class together. You can ask your date beforehand what type of food they enjoy, and then find a cooking class that is going to cook this type of food for the evening of your date. This is a date where you will both be learning something fun and new, with the help of a professional chef. It is also a great date idea for a first date because the two of you will be given ample time to talk with each other and get to know each other better. You can measure up each other’s cooking skills as well, which can be fun and may challenge you to work hard in the cooking class.  Go To An Amusement Park If you want your first date to go well, then an amusement park is a great date location. Riding rides and eating all the fun goodies at amusement park can really get those endorphins flowing, which will put you both in a great mood. This is the perfect setting for a first date because you will both be having so much fun, that you can’t help but have an awesome time. You can take turns picking which rides to go on, and can chat while you are waiting in line for each of the rides.  Take A Helicopter Ride Renting a private helicopter and taking your date for a ride is an experience that they will likely never forget. You can have the pilot fly over some of the most gorgeous locations in your area, which will really impress your date. To make things super special you can have the helicopter drop you off in a gorgeous area for a picnic lunch. The two of you can talk about the helicopter ride and enjoy lunch, before getting back on the helicopter to ride back home.  For other entertainment possibilities, contact a local venue, such as Fort McDowell...

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