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Party Ideas For Creative Tweens

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Planning the perfect birthday party for a creative tween means focusing in on the arts that they love best. Fortunately, there are ways that you can take a simply crafty party to the next level. These ideas are a little more grown up than an art party for kids, which makes them a perfect option for tweens.

Pretty Paintings

Model this after the popular adult wine and painting lesson parties. Your entertainer can be an actual artist that teaches painting or sketching in the medium of your child's choice. Guests will be greeted with their own easel and canvas. You can even make it feel a bit more sophisticated by serving sparkling juice in wine glasses, along with fancy hors d'ouvres for snacks and fancy petit fours instead of cake. Guest get to keep their paintings as the party favor.

Cast in Clay

Another excellent entertainment idea is paint your own pottery. These are usually done in a pottery establishment that will take care of the final firing, but there are some entertainment companies that will bring all the supplies to you. These companies typically use an oven bake clay product, such as polymer clay, and they teach the kids how to make small statues or jewelry items with the clay. For this hands-on party, consider serving snacks on sticks or toothpicks – corn dogs or kebabs work well – so the kids can munch even with their clay-covered fingers!

Amazing Acting

Is your child a drama queen? Then acting lessons may be a fun activity for their party. Your entertainer will provide the kids with acting lessons. They also typically bring their own props, and the party finishes with a play or skit put on by the party goers. Each guest usually gets to go home with not just a new set of acting skills, but also a DVD of their performance. Emulate the craft services that movie stars enjoy on set and set up a buffet of snacks, from finger sandwiches to sweet treats.

Music Magic

If music is your child's passion, try putting them on stage. A karaoke party is a creative outlet that lets every guest be the star. Your entertainer will operate the karaoke equipment and play DJ. They may even bring props so the guests can dress like their favorite rock star. Pizza, soda, and music-themed cupcakes are the perfect accompaniments for this theme, since the kids have time to enjoy a meal while they are entertaining each other.