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Create Floating, Balloon Decorations That Light Up

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Create floating, balloon decorations that light up by completing the following steps. Place the decorations in your pool to provide subtle lighting while experiencing an intimate swim with your significant other or while enjoying a nighttime pool party with some of your pals.


  • latex balloons
  • small, LED lights
  • glitter markers
  • stencils
  • flat pieces of foam
  • scissors
  • two-sided waterproof tape
  • artificial flowers and foliage

Add Lights And Decorate Balloons Exteriors

Insert an LED light that operates by battery into each balloon by stretching out the rubber necks and pushing a light through each one. Make sure that each light is turned on before adding them to the balloons. Blow up the balloons and tie them. Use glitter markers to trace stencils on each balloon's exterior. Use stencils that depict a design that matches the theme of the outdoor event that you are planning. 

Prepare Foam Pieces And Attach Balloons

Use a measuring tape and scissors to prepare pieces of foam that have straight edges. Make sure that each piece of foam is slightly larger than the balloon that will be attached to it so that you will have enough room to create a decorative border. Attach pieces of two-sided tape to the bottom of one of the balloons and press the balloon firmly against the center of one of the foam pieces. Secure the remaining balloons in the same manner. 

Decorate The Foam Pieces

Cut the stems of artificial flowers or pieces of foliage so that they are all the same length. Insert the stems into the foam base, but do not allow them to puncture the material all the way through because water may seep through the base and cause the decorations to sink. If you would like the flowers and foliage to be laying on their sides, attach them to the base with strips of two-sided tape. Arrange the artificial pieces to create a border that provides adequate coverage around each balloon. 

Enjoy The Subtle Lighting That Each Decoration Emits 

Place the balloon decorations inside of your pool, spreading them out so they are evenly distributed. Enjoy the subtle lighting while spending time outside with your partner or friends. LED lights will last for several hours, providing you with the opportunity to use the decorations throughout the event that is being held. When it is over, pop the balloons and remove the lights so that they can be used again at another time.