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Setting Up For An Awesome Cinco De Mayo Party

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There are numerous special events and holidays in the spring that merit a party, but perhaps the biggest reason to celebrate is Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo is typically observed in Mexico, and it commemorates the Mexican victory in the war of 1862. Don't get this date confused with the Mexican Independence day which actually occurs in September.

Set-up your awesome Cinco de Mayo party with these suggestions:

The venue.

Since Cinco de Mayo falls on the 5th of May, it is possible to plan an outdoor party in mild climates. This allows you more flexibility in terms of number of guests and party décor. Since this is a celebration, be sure to include lots of colorful streamers, banners, and balloons; consider hanging floral garlands across doorways and entries to your venue.

The music.

Combine current Latin music with some of the older music to create a celebratory atmosphere for all, young and old. Download some contemporary music on the Latin billboard charts with some songs that have been enjoyed for generations in Latin culture, such as mariachi music, which will get everyone up and on their feet. Consider using a computer and a large wall to project Latin music videos for some added attraction during the party.

The food.

Give your party Mexican flair with some authentic dishes, traditionally served on Cinco de Mayo. These are what you would find at a gathering in Mexico, and doesn't include the more Americanized taco and nachos type of fare. Visit websites to find recipes for some true Mexican cuisine, and serve to  your guests as you honor Mexico's victory during war time.  

Some dishes to serve at your fiesta include:

  • Smoked lamb.
  • Carnitas.
  • Chalupas.
  • Warm corn tortillas with picked onions.
  • Mole sauce.

The mood.

Create a festive mood with some games, activities, and goodies for guests at your Cinco de Mayo party. A piñata is often found at parties in Mexican households, and these are great fun for celebrants of all ages. Fill with candy, colored beads, and tiny noisemakers to get the revelry started.

Cinco de Mayo is an important day in Latin culture, and it is an event widely celebrated in all parts of the world. Celebrate this May with an awesome Cinco de Mayo party that will be remembered long after you take down the decorations. Try these tips to get started on your own celebration of this milestone in Mexican history. Check out latin music groups, such as Vida Primo, for ideas on ways to set the mood.