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6 Reasons You Should Buy LED Poi For Your Child

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Have you ever heard of poi? It's a performance art that originated with the indigenous people of New Zealand. Poi performance involves juggling and dancing with balls. Today's poi performers typically use balls with LED lights that allow the dancer to create shapes and patterns in the air. Poi performance also happens to be a fantastic hobby for children. Why should you get your child interested in LED poi performance? Here are six great reasons. 

Encourage Physical Activity

Poi juggling is physical. It requires excellent hand eye coordination and includes movements that are aerobic in nature. When kids practice poi juggling, they are using their bodies. 

Fill Time Positively

Kids who become interested in poi performance will spend a great deal of time trying to improve and learn new tricks. This is time that your child is not playing video games or just hanging around with no direction. 

Increase Self-Esteem

Once kids begin to learn the tricks of poi performance, there is no stopping them. They learn more exciting and more challenging skills that impress their friends. Having a skill brings confidence, and success breeds a willingness to try more difficult or frightening activities in life. 

Your child can also use poi performance skills to compete in competitions or even join a performance troupe. 

Provide Opportunities to Socialize

Poi performers love to get together and learn new skills. You can find classes and social groups for people who enjoy performing with poi, and your child will have whole new community of friends who share an interest. 

Pass on an Appreciation for the Arts

Because poi juggling is a performance art, children can use it to gain an appreciation for other types of art. Your child may suddenly discover a talent for music, acting, dancing or drawing. Exploration of one art form can easily lead to an interest in another. 

Join In

Don't let your child have all the fun. Poi performance is something the two of you can learn and enjoy together. You can take a class with your child or simply look up videos on the internet to learn new skills. Even if you aren't a gifted juggler, you and your child will bond over the fun of trying something new together. 

So when you buy those led poi balls, make sure to get two sets. 

Poi performance is a fun and fresh way to learn a new skill and have a wonderful time. Give your child the many gifts associated with this performance art. Check out a shop like Light up and Juggle to purchase poi.